From Fighting Fires to Fighting Grime

Eco-Flo is your exterior cleaning service expert. At Eco-Flo we strive to build long-term relationships by combining attentive service with quality work performed by certified professionals We provide a multitude of services, ranging from single-level residential buildings to multi-story commercial structures and all of the in between.
Like our customers, we only expect the best. This is why we are committed to using high-quality cleaning solutions with the best equipment available. Our cleaning solutions are biodegradable, eco-friendly; so we will kill your mold and mildew but not your plants. With our expert graffiti removal process, we take a “tagged” area to look like it was never even there! Our stain and sealers for wood or specialty stone treatment has the lowest VOC’s possible coupled with the highest quality!
Our staff is trained in multiple techniques including soft-wash as well as the use of various types of pressure depending on the material. Aside from technique, our staff also possess extensive knowledge of all of the chemicals contained in the products that we use, and how each will individually affect your surfaces.
Our ultimate objective is for your complete satisfaction with our services. It is our goal to improve the value of your property and exceed all of your expectations. We hope to build a long lasting relationship with you for years to come, and we know that begins with your satisfaction.
Eco-Flo is licensed, insured, and bonded in South Carolina. We hold certifications in HAZMAT, Building Construction, and our staff is Health, Safety, and Incident Officer certified.

What sets Eco-Flo Pressure Washing apart from others? As former firefighters, we have experience and training in water pressure techniques. We also have a long history of pressure washing in the family. Over the years, we have gleaned from this experience the proper way to use water pressure and various cleaners to achieve the best results. Using low pressure, soft wash technique and specialized solutions to SAFELY remove mildew, bacteria, algae and other organic stains from building exteriors ensure your home or building will not be damaged.

Eco-Flo Pressure Washing is licensed, insured, and bonded in the state of South Carolina. We are HAZMAT certified, Building Construction certified, and Health, Safety, and Incident Officer certified. Our eco-friendly products ensure that your home and business are cleaned without hurting vegetation and the environment.

A home or business is the largest investment you will make in a lifetime. Our mission is to protect your investment with the highest quality of service and products. Did you know that regular pressure washing by Eco-Flo can add to the time you can use your home, business buildings, and other assets? This is why choosing a quality pressure washing company is so important.

When power washing is not done correctly, it can actually damage your home. High water pressure can dent wood, damage brick mortar, and cause water to build up behind your siding. This can lead to mold and damage to the structure of your home.

ECO-FLO Pressure Washing is an environmentally-conscious and proactive pressure washing company. We set ourselves apart by an increased level of education regarding the handling, application, and proper disposal of all of the chemicals we use.

Many pressure washing companies claim to be eco-friendly by using environmentally safe products, but frankly it just is not enough. Most people seeking to hire a pressure washer simply do not recognize the severity of the environmental harm caused by choosing a company that does not know what they’re doing, or most importantly…what they’re using. Wastewater runoff not only contaminates our water supply, storm drains, waterways and marine life, buts it is also against the law. The cleaning technicians at ECO-FLO Pressure Washing know and follow:

  • all city ordinances, guidelines & best practices;
  • the Environmental Protection Agency’s federal regulations;
  • the Clean Water Act of 1972,

as well as possess all the proper permits and licensing to correctly complete each task.

Almost all other pressure washing companies in our state neglect to correctly recycle the wastewater they produce, and often fail to use safe chemicals or prevent their chemicals from entering storm drains or waterways.

By reusing our wastewater, we ensure that we keep your drinking water free from chemicals, reduce contaminant loads to receiving rivers and oceans, and further protect OUR streams, wetlands, ponds, and oceans. 

We use F9 products that are eco friendly and have high quality power. Then we finish up with a plant wash to ensure your plants are protected!

Choose a pressure washing team that has specialized training in proper water pressure techniques and choose the best for your investment!

If you are a business owner, check out our commercial services. If you own your home, our residential services are for you! We offer a wide range of cleaning options and can clean just about anything. Book a free consultation or pressure washing appointment today, or text us images of work you need done and receive a quote. Not only do we offer outstanding results, but we pride ourselves on upholding the highest level of customer service as well.