Invest in Your Business with Pressure Washing

Improve the appearance of your business and commercial property with trusted and proven pressure washing services from Eco-Flo. Maintaining a clean and well-kept exterior makes your business look safer, newer, and more inviting. In addition to improving appearances, routine pressure washing services from an experienced team can add years to your assets.

We use eco-friendly cleaning products and a unique soft pressure washing method to ensure nothing is damaged while we provide superior cleaning. Algae, mold, and buildup that occurs naturally can cause your assets to rot, break, and become unsafe. With pressure washing, we can remove this buildup and create a healthier environment for your business as well as increase the longevity of your assets.

We use F9 products that are eco friendly and have high quality power!

Our Commercial Pressure Washing Services

The types of washing we provide are extensive and includes

Roof cleaning

Large area ground surfaces

Stucco, vinyl, pardy plank, brick...

The natural elements can cause mildew, algae, and grime to build up on your roof. We can clean it and get your business looking like new.
From concrete pads to parking lots and sidewalks, we have the tools and machines to clean the largest surfaces.
We have experience cleaning a large selection of exterior surfaces. We know the right products to use to clean your business while protecting it as well.

Apartment buildings


Outdoor entertainment venues

If your apartment buildings, duplex, townhome, or other multi-family housing needs cleaning, we have the machine power and manpower to get this done the right way!
You depend on keeping a welcoming, clean, and safe property for your hotel. Dirt, grime, mildew, algae, and other buildups can not only diminish the aesthetics of your hotel, it can cause damage as well. We will remove all buildup safely while protecting your investment.
Nature can take its toll on outdoor fixtures. From amphitheaters, stages, concrete structures, and more, we can pressure wash a wide selection of surfaces and make them look like new.

Restoring/Cleaning Paver Stones

Gas Stations & gas station pumps


You have a beautiful paver patio, walk or driveway and you want to make sure it always looks as good as when it was first installed. Remember, just like any surface exposed to the elements, your pavers do require some maintenance.
Power wash everything at your gas station including your fuel pump area, dumpster and trash enclosure pads, exterior sidewalks and walkways, underneath and around the canopy, concrete fuel pads, exterior signage and building, exterior and interior windows and even the car wash areas.
We can seal walkways, entrances, and drive-throughs.
  • Protects against weathering and damage from walking/high traffic areas
  • Mimizes chipping and damage to surfaces

A Trusted Pressure Washing Team

Eco-Flo Pressure Washing is licensed, insured, and bonded in the state of South Carolina. As former firemen, we understand the power and capabilities of water, having been specially trained during our firefighting training. Also, pressure washing runs in our family and we have gained years of experience in power cleaning and providing outstanding customer service. We are HAZMAT certified, Building Construction certified, and Health, Safety, and Incident Officer certified. Our history of pressure washing, firefighting, and working with the community through a small business makes Eco-Flo uniquely qualified to provide outstanding results for your business!

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