Got Pollen? Hot-Rinse

“For New Construction & Pollen Season Bild-up”  Imagine you’re wrapping up a great “Sunday-Funday” at the beach. You’re walking through the beach access back to your car… covered in sand. As you’re walking, you see the public shower access. Do you stop to turn the knob and give yourself a quick rinse, or continue by? Most people would probably decide to spend the extra 30 seconds or so to rinse off the sand. Same concept goes for Eco-Flo’s “HotRinse.” This option includes 0 cleaning agents using hot water only. The perfect Idea for a freshly built home or building as there would be no need to use chemical for mold or mildew removal.


Special occasion coming up? Tired of looking at that pollen build-up? Choose our HotRinse option! Its a fraction of the price because is takes use a fraction of the time and requires no chemical application.  We offer this hot water rinse down to give you a nice “refresh” for your home.