Pressure Washing/ Soft Washing

Eco-Flo offers various forms of pressure washing services, including low pressure methods. Eco-Flo adheres to all manufacturer guidelines specific to the products we use. From driveways to decks and patios, single-level or multi-level buildings, we can get the job done no matter what. Some surfaces are not designed to undergo the amount of pressure that pressure washing uses. Eco-Flo uses soft washing, a low pressure method, on various surfaces to safely remove mildew, bacteria, algae, and other organic stains without causing damage to the surface.

Deck and Fence Washing

Decks, patios, and fences offer value and comfort to your property. Over time, these surfaces become dirty and sun damaged. Our chemical washing method will restore the look of these surfaces while increasing their lifespan. If a wash simply is not enough, we also offer staining followed by sealing of these surfaces.

Porous Surface and Deck Sealing

The majority of surfaces on or around residential or commercial properties are porous (for example, concrete, brick, stone, masonry, etc). Water penetrates these surfaces, and allows mildew and mold to take root deep within the pores, dirt from foot traffic, or oil and grease from actual traffic, easily slips into hardscapes if they are not protected. This can result in the destruction of the surface possibly leading to a slip hazard. Eco-Flo offers an array of sealers for these porous surfaces, from semi-gloss to a full-gloss look, stain and salt blocking sealers, as well as anti-fungal sealers. We use a multi-step process that involves first cleaning the surface, then prepping the surface, before finally applying the appropriate sealer. This will not only keep this surface cleaner longer, but will prolong the life of the surface protecting it from the fore-mentioned foot traffic, UV, water, salt, as well as organic and in-organic staining

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti removal takes practice. At Eco-Flo, lowering risk is of highest priority. We will not sand-blast, as most of us know how potentially damaging that can be. We will not paint over. Simply painting over is the easy way out, you’d might as well be sweeping the problem under the rug! We apply a blend of biodegradable ingredients that make it safe, fast, and effective for graffiti removal on virtually any surface in hot and freezing temperatures without causing damage to the underlying material.

Parking Garage Cleaning

Parking garage maintenance is essential in prolonging the life of the structure, improving appearance, and reducing the risk of slip and falls. Salt on concrete will cause cracking and spawning if left unattended. We recommend cleaning parking garages in the spring to remove road salt from all surfaces. Despite all efforts to use non salt ice melters in your facility, road salt is carried onto your property by vehicles. Vehicles often accumulate snow and salt into the parking garage where it is left to sit until it is cleaned. EFPW has found with regular cleaning and a quality sealant parking garage surfaces will last significantly longer while keeping a clean look. Sealants will also help prevent oil and grease from leaky vehicles from absorbing into the concrete. Parking garages that are routinely cleaned and sealed provide a bright and safe impression upon occupants. This allows the occupants to feel safe and will increase the probability of returning. Parking garages are an expensive investment. Protect your investment with Eco-Flo Pressure Washing and reduce unnecessary costly repair.

Waste Water Recovery

Pressure washing with chemical is an effective way to clean parking structures. However, this procedure must be done in the proper manner using the proper equipment. Chemical washing generates contaminated waste water which includes oil, grease, asbestos from brake dust, detergents, and more. This waste water should be reclaimed and treated prior to disposal. In fact, it is federal law! Under the Clean Water Act of 1972 originally known as the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, amended in 1977 and 1987; Any substances aside from water should not be allowed to enter drains that do not have waste water treatment equipment. If this process is ignored, the property owner is liable for the penalties and fines associated. Eco-Flo Pressure Washing is familiar with the laws and regulations to clean parking garages properly and effectively. Our state of the art equipment allows for pressure washing and waste water recovery simultaneously. Recovered waste water can then be treated and reused with on our board self-contained treatment process. If wastewater is unable to be recycled, it even-still be reclaimed and stored so that it can be transported off property and disposed of at a proper wastewater disposal facility. Effective and efficient cleaning of a parking garage is a sophisticated procedure and should be handled by a professional company with the right equipment, knowledge, and experience. Waste water recovery applies to all surfaces and any project where any substance aside from water may enter into storm drains and sewer systems.

Surface Scrubbing Machines

Surface scrubbing machines are the most effective way to pressure wash. These machines eliminate human error in cleaning by providing a perfect and consistent cleaning height. Surface scrubbers are also more than three times faster than using a conventional pressure wand. This machine allows one individual to do the work of more than 3 workers. Which saves on labor cost and reduces the overall project times. Eco-Flo utilizes these machines on all of our flatwork projects.Traditional pressure wands that are used by most other companies simply cannot compare to the quality of our equipment can provide. Using our 35-horse power Vanguard belt-driven 10.5 GPM pressure washers, results speak for themselves. These surface scrubbers spin at over 1000 rpms cleaning every square inch hundreds of times per pass. As opposed to the single pass of a standard pressure wand. Don’t settle for subpar quality and performance.

HAZMAT? No Problem

Wastewater from parking garage cleaning contains oil. OIL IS CONSIDERED A HAZARDOUS MATERIAL! Our expert teams are fully trained to handle hazardous materials, and fully equipped to clean up just about any kind of spill.
On the rare occasion our filtration methods can’t get rid of a specific pollutant,
we take every precaution to ensure the discharge is properly handled.